We are very excited for to announce our new course "Street Beats" with OGE, one of the best songwriters in Greece. The rapper and producer OGE has managed to gain recognition and acceptance by fans of almost all music genres, thanks to his flexibility and beautiful inspirations. He has been in discography since 2005, with gold and platinum hits, awards and collaborations with artists inside and outside hip hop.

OGE has been involved into music since the age of six, when he joined the conservatory. Then he attended a music school and was taught musical instruments such as piano, santouri, tampura, lute, drums and violin. 

He is coming to DJ Survival Concept Course as the instructor Music Production class "Street Beats". Here you are going to learn using all the tools you need so that at the end of the semester to be able create your own musical productions. The course focuses on rap music and its subgenres, as well as dancehall, afropop, reggaeton and lo-fi hip hop music.

Specifically, we explore the VI Cubase program, its functions and advanced possibilities.

During the educational semester, "Street Beats" will welcome also some guest-artists of this field, who will impart their own knowledge and experiences to our students. Last but not least, a contract from Mad House Records is waiting for a student who will stand out during this semester.


- Professional logo

- Free usage of studios

- Sound kits & Sample packs

- Full technical support

- Certificate of attendance Music Production- "Street Beats"

- Professional contract with Mad House Records