Antonis Dimitriadis

DJ & Music Producer, Compiler
One of the collaborations that completes a great musical spectrum in our school, is with Antonis Dimitriadis, for the Mainstream Sessions.
Antonis Dimitriadis -also known as AD1- is one of the most important DJs in Greece, having spent many-many hours behind the decks of many clubs. He has also performed live with the most famous Greek singers and has stood next to some of the world's most famous DJs. Considering his strong presence in clubbing, the collections that have been released in tens of thousands of copies and of course the countless partnerships with Greek and foreign super stars, Antonis Dimitriadis has left his mark on the clubbing scene of Greece, having "won" the most demanding places, such as Mykonos. Axwell, David Morales and Detlef are just some of the names he has been found next to.
From his live performances with famous Greek singers (Antonis Remos) over the past decade, Antonis Dimitriadis has acquired the experience a DJ needs to stand out in the competitive commercial music scene. He has also excellent presence internationally, having performed with Julio Iglesias and Gipsy Kings & Pitbull, among many others.
This man, with the incredible flow and choice of music for any occasion, is at DJ Survival.