Dino MFU

CEO, DJ & Music Producer
Dino MFU is one of the most well-known and popular Greek house DJs. He is considered as a "chapter" in the Greek dance music scene, having a huge experience around DJ's profession (for 15 years now) and, in general, around clubbing (for two decades). 
His career started before he was even 18, initially as a member of the +Soda team (one of the most legendary stages in Athen's nightlife), as a waiter assistant. That's where his love for DJing was first shown up. He quickly emerges for his musical sensory and communicational charisma, and all these help him become the exclusive promoter of the award-winning Grammy DJ, producer and remixer Little Louie Vega, for ten consecutive years.
His career as a DJ starts in 2005, with the emblematic, weekly Music For Us party at LuV, in Athens. Then he collaborated with some of the city's most acclaimed dance clubs such as Venue and Villa Mercedes, as well as at clubs and bars in Greece and abroad in the coming years.
Now he is a resident DJ in famous Greek clubs such as Cavo Paradiso (since 2008), Scarpa (since 2008) and Bolivar (since 2013). Totally he plays music in more than 200 events every year. He is also the founder of zero10 Records, which counts dozens of releases, great collaborations, awards and platinum CD sales.