John Rous

Music Teacher, Music Producer, Dj
John Rous has been always trying to express his feelings and thoughts through the world of music. He is the Music Production Classes' main instructor and the composer of the well-known track Oasis.
His story begins years back when, at the age of eight, he took his old guitar and tried to play the melodies he was listening to, on a TV show. His father listened to him by accident and the next day he was going to the nearest conservatory in his neighbourhood in Sparta. There he started his own musical adventure.
John Rous' can be characterised by a combination of technology and music studies (Harmony Certificate, Traditional Instruments Certificate, Byzantine Music Certificate, Audio Engineering Diploma/Middlesex University) and his pure love for sound.
Having appeared in many clubs in Athens and all over Greece, as well as in festivals such as the Horizon, John Rous has received praise from acclaimed artists.
With his many degrees on music, as well as his active presence in the scene -with dozens of P.A. (Public Address) every year- John Rous is here, to give you the most targeted Music Production lesson for all the kinds of electro dance music.