Days of Music and DJing is an innovative, educational, music course that takes place for the first time worldwide, for young people with mental deprivation, autistic spectrum disorders and Down syndrome. It takes place in "DJ Survival Concept Course", in collaboration with KEEPA "Orizontes" Education Center for Disabled People.
KEEPEA's trainees have the opportunity to live the experience of a different lesson, enjoying and feeling this special course of DJ Survival.
The lessons are monthly, during the season of DJ Survival, from September to June, including three hours of DJing techniques, with emphasis on stimulating the psychology of KEEPEA trainees, by the CEO of DJ Survival, DJ and music producer, Dino MFU. The purpose of these DJing lessons is to bring KEEPEA'S trainees closer to music, by creating the ideal conditions for a music therapy and entertaining lesson.
The action is held within a broader program of "Orizontes", aiming to the socialization of these trainees. The feeling they have while being behind the decks, plus the way of teaching, create a "journey" that expands their psychology, mood and behavior.
The success of these unique courses can be easily understood by taking a quick look at the hundreds of warm readers' comments on social media, as well as the coverage we have received from the Greek media. Major media such as Kathimerini newspaper, Alpha and SKAI TV channels, and VICE Greece have highlighted this unique initiative, with feedback being only positive and enthusiastic.
An additional goal of these DJing and music lessons for KEEPA's trainees, for the coming season, is to prepare a trainee to play next to Dino MFU, in the next Color Day Festival.