DJ Survival Concept Course is an innovative DJing and Music Production school, the one with the highest progress in Greece, that started back in January 2016.
Just 500 meters away from "Elliniko" Metro station in Glyfada (Athens), the school is one of a kind in Greece and among the top worldwide, with facilities fully targeted to the needs of, both, new and experienced DJ & Music Producers.
The success of our lessons can be easily understood by taking a quick look at the coverage it has received from the media. Important media like Kathimerini newspaper, TV channels such as Alpha, SKAI and MAD, as well as online magazines like VICE Greece, RISE, Oneman and GodIsADJ, have highlighted the action of DJ Survival Concept Course. Also, DJs of international reputation, like the Grammy Award-winning DJ David Morales, have visited our school.
DJing is a job for "survivors". Especially in Greece, a country full of tourism for 12 months, with hundreds of clubs, venues, bars and cafes, DJ's role is one of the most important, as he/she has the responsibility for entertaining both customers and staff.


At the same time, a music producer is the person who should have deep knowledge of  music industry. He/she has the supervision of the whole production process, with multiple roles. Additionally, his role is becoming more and more recognized in recent years.

Here, at DJ Survival Concept Course, we train and prepare our students in the most realistic way, so they can be able to compete and act professionally, as DJs and music producers, under any circumstances.
In our school, we provide you with all the DJing knowledge - from the correct selection of music tracks, the appropriate music direction at a live set, the performance, the successful promotion, the smart and efficient use of social media, to sound engineering and the steps you need to start producing your own music.
The new courses and classes, the hi-tech equipment and the professional recording studio, are only a few of the features that distinguish DJ Survival Concept Course from any other learning experience, for new and experienced DJs/music producers.
The DJ Classes (Level 1/ Level 2, Dreams), the Music Production Classes (Ableton, Logic Pro X, Street Beats), the Mainstream Sessions and the All About Sessions make the school the most comprehensive advisory for DJs/music producers today.
Each semester is a full course, giving the students an ideal level of learning. We have the philosophy that our instructors must be 100% active, working intensively. Among them, you can find some of the most famous DJs in Greece and important music producers, with great successes, teachers who are ready to help DJ survivalists in the best way. Dino MFU, Agent Greg, John Rous, Antonis Dimitriadis and John Plav are over here.
Over the years, our graduates have performed professionally at some of the greatest clubs in Greece (Scarpa Mykonos, Barrage Zante etc) and have gained residencies in others (Bolivar Athens, Graceland Volos, Mikro Official Glyfada). Also, being the only school to collaborate officially with the Color Day Festival, DJ Survival has given the opportunity to students to open the festival, playing in front of thousands of people. Moreover, a DJ Survivalist joined David Morales, opening his DJ set at the Jägermeister party in Athens, in front of 2.000 people.
Our goal and vision is to provide you an unbelievable semester, a lifetime experience and, of course, prepare you to follow DJing/Music Production, either professionally or for hobby, always along with our support in every step of yours, after graduating.