Level 1 class is the first station at our school - the introduction. It is either for those starting from zero or for others who play professionally, but they want and need to build a good base to move on. Our students are taught the philosophy of DJing, theoritically and practically, by learning the history of electronic dance music and working without computer or other automations for mixing (except for the management of their music library). They also get taught basic techniques such as beatmatching, while they are gradually being trained to manage the time required to prepare a DJ set - whatever that means. Level 1 students get constant guidance and monitoring by our instructors, customized, so that each one of them can build his/her own musical identity.

The DJ Survivalists of Level 1 are the future colleagues of our instructors and this is how we treat them.



- Professional photo shooting

- Professional logo

- Unlimited practice

- Full technical support

- Participation in All About Sessions

- Certificate "DJing Level 1"