Stephan is a DJ & producer who, in recent years, has become a superstar in the arena of trap music in Greece, having collaborations with almost all the hot names of the scene (Mad Clip, YPO, iLLEOo, Lil Barty, MG, Richi, Lil Koni etc.), and also an international collab with Tyga.

DJ Stephan started his journey since he was a student at DJ Survival, having attended the DJing Level 1 & Level 2 classes. He managed to follow his dream and now he is on top. We welcome him back to our school, now as an instructor of our new DJing class "Dreams". DJ Stephan is going to impart the knowledge and experience he has gained to young people who want to follow their own dream, in the field of rap/trap DJing. 

"Dreams" is for people who are literally starting from scratch and have to build a good base so as to move forward, but also for people who may have started already playing as professionals, however they need guidance and further skills’ training to work at a higher level. Stephan’s students will get the philosophy of DJing, theoretically and practically, learn basic techniques such as beatmatching etc. Also, our students are having constant guidance and supervision from DJ Stephan, individually, so that each of them can build his/her own “identity”.

The course’s duration is two hours, once a week. Also, during the semester, six guests (people from the field of rap/trap music in Greece, such as Mad Clip, MG and other rappers or producers), are coming for unique seminar sessions, in order to talk about their own experiences and stories on how they become one of a kind in this growing music scene.


- Professional photo shooting

- Professional logo

- Unlimited practise

- Full technical support

- Participation in All About Sessions

- DJing Certificate "Dreams"